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Whether you want to improve your home with Metro Tile roofing or need uPVC cladding for fascias and soffits, Capital UPVC Cladding can help!  We use only high quality materials that will protect your home for a long time!

Capital UPVC Cladding are based in Cardiff and are specialist fitters of long lasting Metro Tile roofing. Your home will be sheltered from extreme weather conditions and your roof will become vandal resistant! Worried about the price? Call us on our Freephone and we'll give you a free quote and competitive prices!

 •  Modern Metro Tile roofing

 •  Lightweight, high quality materials

 •  Resistant to extreme weather conditions

 •  20 years guarantee

 •  Environmentally sustainable

Need quality cladding services in the UK?

Looking for a way to protect your house?

Want a safer home? Try our roof cladding services, anywhere in the UK!



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